Are you thinking about starting your own business?

Are you wondering which franchise to choose to earn in accordance with your values ​​and stand out with your offer? Nothing has convinced you so far, because you want to have a real impact on the brand you co-create? Join us!

Soup Culture introduces a new quality of street food.

We create a unique product on the market that will make your place unique: edible cups baked on site! We serve vegetarian and vegan creamy soups that have stolen the hearts of thousands of customers.

Our brand is already recognizable in many countries and perfectly matches the current trends.

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Franchise Soup Culture

- is trusted;
- it is based on partnership, you have an influence on the menu of your restaurant;
- works locally, we do not centralize deliveries;
- it is distinguished by its ecological approach;
- combines innovation and tradition.

We are already in over 10 countries! Join us in choosing the direction that will be best for you and good for the environment! Many places are waiting for their Soup Culture, and you can create one of them.

We offer two types of cooperation in Poland - franchise and partnership cooperation.


This package includes, among others the right to use the license and the Soup Culture brand, an oven for baking edible cups, recipes for original dishes, consulting, design of the premises, support in preparing the premises for commissioning and much more.

This proposal is aimed at existing companies, other than Soup Culture, and includes an edible cup oven, training and recipes. Under this cooperation, you do not use the Soup Culture brand.

The package consists of a furnace and licenses for baking edible cups, training, recipes. Thanks to this cooperation, you continue to create your brand.